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King of the Cotton ( Toprağa Uzanan Eller ) - (2013)

الأنواع: دراما
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Toprak is the hydrangea child of a family which goes from Urfa to Çukurca for seasonal work. Even though she is 8, she never went to school, and she doesn't even have a birth certificate. His father engaged his older sister Zehra with an old man for money. And Toprak's litte sister Zeliha got blind after having a polio. Toprak treats Zehra very protective, so she never can stand when her little sister gets sad. To show her their misery and distress, she starts to tell Zeliha a story. She tells all their problems in another way to her blind sister. In the story, the family trying to save the sick princess, they have to go to the country of the Cotton King and make him a cotton sea. So that they can wish something from the king, and the princess would get better. And after some time, the story gets so real that Toprak starts to believe this story like Zeliha does.

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