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of Medicine, served to increase his general reputation as a man of

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just witiiin the meatus with Civiale's urethrotome, Nos.

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prolapse of the uterus and prolapse of the bladder. I removed the

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out to us. But in the first place I want to say that I am

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at the courts of the allied Powers were also informed

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subjects by the iron and blisters, and an occasional laxative of Rochelle

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were made in IGS-l, by Leeuwenhoek (" Anat. et Contemp.,"

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polypi, hydatid cysts, carcinoma, etc., cause occlusion by a gradual

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I'tc. uas uounded on .Vpril 34, i,;,;, k- a piece of liigh explosive

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the evidence given in a case tried before the Criminal Court of New York in

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In February, 1915, a twenty-four-hour specimen showed 6 per cent, and in

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some account of it ; especially as six or eight years had elapsed since

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Skin. l{y Kdenhuizen. . . 525 i liOnifus Pollicis Pedis Muscle

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minates in a few days in death. But in youth as all the symptoms arc

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Saunders, Jos. H., Wiliamston (Hon.); Univ. Coll. of Med.,

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tumor of the uterus. A very large pyo-salpnix of the left

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7. There is a secondary development, very slowly, of

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in the Medical Corps and recently stationed in Mem-

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whose duties are similar to those of quarantine phy-

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has been done upon vertebrate animals below man, and the

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■we are able to apply the laryngoscope under other cir-

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ing action is desired. Its internal administration is undesir-

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From the shape, size, and apparent origin of the tumor,

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by mixing oxid of zinc, gelatin, glycerin and water. It should

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preparation standardized to a certain per cent. The watery

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perfect, as he was in a semi-comatose condition ; but

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superior iliac spine than is usually the case. It pre-

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the disease and all that belongs to the remedy is so clear, so-

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age, to each of whom, by advice of a druggist, fifteen grains had

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make, and we certainly will not shoulder the blame.

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^ This is supported by the findings of Rous and Wilson (Rous, P., and Wilson,

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stances, require the use of conveyances when sick of