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which last can only be injurious when taken to excess. This he proves by re-

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from a site on the forehead and a site in the scalp

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Testes. These are sometimes originally very small, and one or both

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most forcible inspiration. But a man's chest capacity is

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life we are taught to look upon cold weather and damp-

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mater). In the front it passes into the cornea over the

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water shall not be still retained in the organic substance which so readily ab-

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10, but decidedly in Cases 4, 6, 11, and 12 ; in the last instance,

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ticularly significant. Volumes have been written about

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half (60 centigrammes) of tobacco leaves in about six ounces of water, but by

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As to Carthagena and Murcia, "on suppose que le cholera a ^te imports de

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have been surprised at the improvement in vision some

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violent pains, as of labour, and with proiiise haemorrhage from the vagina, which

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Autopgy. — The body was emaciated. There were traces of syphilitic

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of the sclera, of the choroid and iris, of the vitreous, of the

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limb preserved its heat, and the swellingr visibly diminished. On the third day

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be removed or completely covered, the use of the chloruret of lime.

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latina ; the tongue was not characteristic of this latter disease, but

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dried and weighing three ounces, nine ounces; and for muscle as dry as

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flowers springing up and flourishing in the month of January. The heat at

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norion that if one is ill with anything other than theJ

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