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often, however, he has been apparently healthy. The onset is sudden,


thinking the course might relieve him of some dyspeptic trou-

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From a combination of causes, but, after all, on account of

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posed to bad odors (workers in sewers, in the dissecting-room, etc.) may

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result. All excitation must be avoided; while the heart is driven to

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(epistaxis, hematuria, metrorrhagia, etc.), and cutaneous hemorrhages

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perhaps benefit slight or great has come from some of them, it

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need cider had better always drink fresh cider. All bottled

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always be used after warm baths, which are often administered at too

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continues until recovery or death. As before stated, vomiting is common,

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freely. Daily sponging of the neck and thorax with cold water is bene-

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is in accordance with the previous temperature in which the individual

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ening it more thoroughly before application, thus converting the com-

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dangers of atheroma are upon us, causing liability to apo-

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not to any damage to the heart. That the peripheral vascular nervea

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Ian Maclaren says he has often been asked the question,

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Not so digestible as the other fruits in the list given are

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and child. Solution of formaldehyde will probably be the

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the severed femoral artery of a dog, steam was applied three-quarters

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four to six hours before the next paroxysm is due. It may matter little

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" The ordinary person does not realize the fact that no ordinary

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yellow fragments (necrotic crusts of Peyer's plaques) from a half to an

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treatment of the insane has seen its day. It was practised too

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and make it his home. Years ago, consumptives went to mild

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as saying that the curative agent in his case was hydrogen

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the proper cases. The fig, the date, the prune, and such fruits

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may present marked irregularities. Pulmonary infarction and abscess

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.Vfter stating that this made no sacrifice for Quebec and the smaller

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to diseased action in the blood-vessels proper. If the hemorrhage is

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as Bordeaux wines, and common wine is vin ordinaire,

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Obstetrics, and often in his lectures gave vivid pictures of the

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cautions, the warm bath is an excellent remedy to regulate cardiac

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when these depend upon their mineral constituents for therapeutic

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are packed in and together like tubes in a boiler, in others

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urgent, resisting all efforts aimed at its relief. Retraction of the belly

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hotels and the so-called sanitaria and boarding-houses, my

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by thermic influences as the cutaneous vessels, and that it is very

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