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hog-feed. Corsa thinks the mast fed to cows would give a

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Tliere i~ the true ring ill this statement. It has Ik en W(dl

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Kinnicut has recommended the employment of the oil of winter-

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otomy — Fractures and Dislocations — Instruments — Rontgen Rays 87

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mild and the local signs ill defined. The epidemic outbreaks that occur

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may regard it as an indication for alcohol when the fever is

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be perfect, for both his own protection and for the protection

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water. The average fruit of the market has water 16.9, pro-

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the house, and do not use less than five hundred units, as a

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stomach. If the water does not flow out readily, the tube may be

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converted into alcohol. This is done by adding from four

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although it is eminently fitting that regulations as to the economi-

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Osier, James, Dock, Koplik, and others in the United States, by Van

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had an intimate acquaintance with all the dealers in subjects

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I remember another very interesting visitor to the hos-

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Niagara Falls in 1911. When the Provincial Asscx'iation was pre-

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method and the temperature of the water vary with the object in view.

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bercle bacilli flourish at an elevation of over five thousand

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8 gm. salicylic acid daily without much effect. The sciatic nerve was now

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conditions it is apt to be purulent. Indeed, empyema has of late been

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recently deceased, has called my attention to the effect of

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to the construction of a douche apparatus. Having proved satisfac-

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occurrence of the characteristic changes in curarized animals also must

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sipelas and measles. "Pseudo-diphtheria," so called, is very common:'

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affords a ready explanation for contraction of the disease by nurses who

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pectin is formed. Now, with these the volatile ethers and oils

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this should prove to be the case, the nursin}>- profession will be

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showed complications in about 10 per cent. The more common among