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Dutas Side Effects

ous origin ; that the case at Perdione might have been of
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the nurses who had come from the North had had a pulse of
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were perhaps due to their method of opening the chest,
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1st, That the tone produced by it, in clearness, pene-
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mouia already alluded to as liable to occur in the course of typhus. This
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Polypi. See Encephalocele— Haemorrhoids — Tumors
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irritation of the remotest part of the body may cause incontinence.
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of the ovary is very rare. The forms most frequently ob-
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were made by the municipal authorities to cleanse and purify
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□ If S acceptable vs liquids-greater palatability fewer GI complaints,
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that osteopathy was an excellent method of treating
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quickly, but in cases seen for the first time at a late period
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England and Wales have died of cancer of the cervix uteri {see pp. 18, 19).
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discharge from the nose, which mostly found its way into the back of the
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in the shortest possible time, r rof. Dal ton employs a machine of simple con-
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be administered with certain rules and precautions. ^I. Rodet prefers the
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conciseness of expression, the amount of information and practical advice contained
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tions that closely regulate productivity. Some observers have