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Flintstones Meet Rockula and Frankenstone, The - (1979)

Genres: Animation Comedy Family Fantasy
Cinemu Score
by Cinemu editors.
This movie is a HIGH SCORE movie. It contains MINIMAL INAPPROPRIATE CONTENT for family viewing. You can consider watching it with your family without any regulation.

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Families of Flintstones and Rubbles win a trip from the show "Make a Deal or Don't", which takes them for a vacation to Rocksylvanian hotel that used to be the castle of the Count Rockula. By some unexpected events Frankenstone awakens to awaken the Count Rockula, which will be the scary beginning of the adventure for Flintstones.

Format: Animated film Directed by: Ray Patterson Voices by: Henry Corden Mel Blanc Jean Vander Pyl Gay Autterson Hartwig John Stephenson Country of origin: United States Language: English
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