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Not Born to be Gladiators - (2012)

Genres: Adventure Animation Comedy
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Acemi Gladyator (2012) on IMDb
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It is the age of Imperial Rome. Young Timo is an orphan of Pompeii's terrible eruption, adopted by general Chirone and raised in the most famous Gladiators' Academy in Rome. Is this the beggining of a new legend? The legend of a great hero? Not so much. Timo is not exactly gladiator material. He just wants to hang out with his friends, Ciccius and Mauritius, and avoid his stepfather's bizzare training sessions at all costs. However, when Timo meets the lovely Lucilla, he decides to change his life and bring out the valour inside himself-valour that has never shown itself before. Throgh spells, crazy raids in the woods and the terrible trainings of a very personal lady trainer, Timo has to transform himself into the greatest gladiator of all time. And as they say, if 'fortune favours the bold' in Rome. Hard times are awaiting Timo.

Passport by İhsan


Sexual and Erotic Content
No sexual and/or erotic content.
Some nudity.
Sexual Violence
No Sexual violence throughout the movie.
Alcohol and/or Drug abuse
Occasional alcohol and/or drug use.
There are not homosexual relations in the movie.
Aggressive Behavior and/or Violence
Frequent aggressive behavior and/or violence.
Some profanity.
Household violence and adultery
No household violence and/or adultery.
Negative references to any religion or belief
No negative references to religion or belief.
Negative role models and messages for teens
Some negative role models and messages for teens.
Positive family values
Some negative role models and messages for teens.
Positive representation of Islam
There is no reference to Islam and Muslims.

Directed by: Iginio Straffi
Produced by: Iginio Straffi
Screenplay by: Joanne Lee
Story by: Iginio Straffi
Narrated by: Michael J. Wilson
Starring: Iginio Straffi, Michael J. Wilson
Music by: Bruno Zambrini
Cinematography: Gianmario Catania
Editing by: Joanne Lee
Studio: Rainbow CGI
Distributed by: Medusa Film
Running time: 95 minutes
Country: Italy
Language: Italian / English
Budget: $40 million
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