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Red Army - (2014)

Genres: Biography Documentary History
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Red Army is a feature documentary about the Soviet Union and the most successful dynasty in sports history: the Red Army hockey team. Told from the perspective of its captain Slava Fetisov, the story portrays his transformation from national hero to political enemy. From the USSR to Russia, the film examines how sport mirrors social and cultural movements and parallels the rise and fall of the Red Army team with the Soviet Union.

Red Army is a story about the Cold War played out on the ice rink, and a man who stood up to a powerful system and paved the way for change for generations of Russians.

Directed by: Gabe Polsky
Produced by: Gabe Polsky
Jerry Weintraub
Werner Herzog
Written by: Gabe Polsky
Starring: Slava Fetisov
Vladislav Tretiak
Scotty Bowman
Vladimir Pozner
Music by: Christophe Beck
Leo Birenberg
Cinematography: Peter Zeitlinger
Svetlana Svetko
Gabriel Polsky Productions
Distributed by: Sony Pictures Classics
Running time:
85 minutes
Country: United States
Language: English
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