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Sicko - (2007)

Genres: Documentary Drama History
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by Cinemu editors.
This movie is a HIGH SCORE movie. It contains MINIMAL INAPPROPRIATE CONTENT for family viewing. You can consider watching it with your family without any regulation.

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Sicko is a documentary written and produced by, and starring American filmmaker Michael Moore. It investigates health care in the United States, focusing on its health insurance and the pharmaceutical industry. The movie compares the U.S. healthcare system with the health care systems of Canada, the United Kingdom, France and Cuba, interviewing patients and doctors about cost, quality, and salaries. He also examines why Nixon promoted HMOs in 1971, and why the Clintons' reform effort failed in the 1990s.

Directed by: Michael Moore
Produced by: Michael Moore, Meegan O'Hara
Written by: Michael Moore
Starring: Michael Moore
Studio: Dog Eat Dog Films
Distributed by: Lionsgate, The Weinstein Company
Release date: June 22, 2007
Running time: 123 minutes
Country: United States
Language: English
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