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A Dark Truth - (2013)

Genres: Action Thriller
Cinemu Score
by Cinemu editors.
This movie is a HIGH SCORE movie. It contains MINIMAL INAPPROPRIATE CONTENT for family viewing. You can consider watching it with your family without any regulation.

A Dark Truth (2012) on IMDb
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Jack Begosian is an ex-CIA operative who becomes a political talk show host after retiring as a spy. He’s hired by a corporate whistleblower to expose her company’s cover-up of a massacre in a South American village.

Directed by: Damian Lee
Produced by:
Gary Howsam
Bill Marks
Written by: Damian Lee
Andy Garcia
Forest Whitaker
Eva Longoria
Kim Coates
Music by: Jonathan Goldsmith
Cinematography: Bobby Shore
Editing by: William Steinkamp
Studio:    Vortex Words Pictures
Distributed by:
Magnolia Pictures (USA theatrical)
Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions (USA all media)
Running time: 106 minutes
United States
Language: English
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