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The Host - (2013)

This Movie is a LOW RATED movie with MID-LEVEL INNAPROPRIATE CONTENT. You may have to watch some inappropriate content, however; it does not dominate the entire movie.

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 The Host
(2013) on IMDb
Genres: Sci-Fi Thriller
Ratings: 0 / 10 - 0 users | Reviews: 0 users
0 / 10


Parasitic aliens called "souls" have invaded the Earth and have begun to possess the minds of humans. Melanie Stryder's body has been inhabited by a soul named Wanderer, but she refuses to fade away. Wanderer starts to see Melanie's memories, in which she sees her loved ones and eventually finds a connection with them, too.Not much recommended.

Directed by: Andrew Niccol
Produced by:
Stephenie Meyer
Nick Wechsler
Steve Schwartz
Paula Mae Schwartz
Screenplay by:
Andrew Niccol
Based on The Host by
Stephenie Meyer
Saoirse Ronan
Max Irons
Jake Abel
Chandler Canterbury
Frances Fisher
Diane Kruger
William Hurt
Music by: Antonio Pinto
Cinematography: Roberto Schaefer
Studio: Metropolitan Filmexport
Distributed by: Open Road Films
Country: United States
Language: English

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