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Very Good Girls - (2014)

Genres: Drama
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Very Good Girls (2013) on IMDb
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Best friends Lily and Gerry, home for one last New York summer, make a pact to lose their virginity before leaving for college. But when they both fall for the same handsome artist and Lily starts seeing him in secret, a lifelong friendship is tested.

Passport by İhsan


Sexual and Erotic Content
Frequent sexual and/or erotic content.
Some nudity.
Sexual Violence
Sexual violence and rape implied during the movie.
Alcohol and/or Drug abuse
Occasional alcohol and/or drug use.
There are not homosexual relations in the movie.
Aggressive Behavior and/or Violence
No aggressive behavior and/or violence.
Some profanity.
Household violence and adultery
Some household violence and/or adultery.
Negative references to any religion or belief
No negative references to religion or belief.
Negative role models and messages for teens
Very frequent negative role models and messages for teens.
Positive family values
No positive family values.
Positive representation of Islam
There is no reference to Islam and Muslims.

Directed by: Naomi Foner
Produced by: Norton Herrick
Michael London
Mary Jane Skalski
Written by: Naomi Foner
Starring: Dakota Fanning
Elizabeth Olsen
Demi Moore
Richard Dreyfuss
Ellen Barkin
Peter Sarsgaard
Clark Gregg
Music by: Jenny Lewis
Cinematography: Bobby Bukowski
Edited by: Andrew Hafitz
Dylan Tichenor
  company: Groundswell Productions
Herrick Productions
Distributed by: Tribeca Film
MG Film
Running time: 91 minutes [2]
Country: U.S.
Language: English
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