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Butterfly - (2009)

Genres: Action Adventure
Cinemu Score
by Cinemu editors.
This movie is a LOW SCORE movie but it contains MINIMAL INAPPROPRIATE CONTENT for a family viewing. You can consider watching it with your family without any regulation.

(2009) on IMDb
Ratings: 9.5 / 10 - 2 users | Reviews: 0 users
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When year was 1996, the preparations of 11th September attack was started. The world is hard to understand, and it is a hard equation, and nothing starts one day before from the day it has to. Even if a butterfly flaps its wings, a huge wave could occur down in Atlantic. And we, we all are like that butterfly, but with a difference. Our butterfly doesn't occur a wave. He opens his wings and stands against the wind. His grandfather İbrahim, he travels with these world, like he knows what will happen. But while Yusuf and his friends are getting ready to travel, Osama Bin Laden was passing from the borders of Afghanistan, his new headquarters. Yusuf and his friends meet thousands of people in Afghanistan, and one of them is a person who will be known by everyone in 11 September 2001.

Passport by Büşra Ayşe Kesici


Sexual and Erotic Content
No sexual and/or erotic content.
No significant nudity scenes have been observed in the movie.
Sexual Violence
No Sexual violence throughout the movie.
Alcohol and/or Drug abuse
No alcohol and/or drug use.
There are not homosexual relations in the movie.
Aggressive Behavior and/or Violence
Some aggressive behavior and/or violence.
Occasional profanity.
Household violence and adultery
No household violence and/or adultery.
Negative references to any religion or belief
No negative references to religion or belief.
Negative role models and messages for teens
No negative role models and messages for teens.
Positive family values
Frequent positive family values.
Positive representation of Islam
There are good references to Islam and Muslims.

Yönetmen: Cihan Taskin, Günay Günaydın
Senarist: Mahmut Bengi, Oktay Berber
Oyuncular: Deniz Bolışık, Caner Cindoruk, Ghassan Massoud
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