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Takva: A Man's Fear Of God - (2006)

Genres: Drama
Cinemu Score
by Cinemu editors.
Although this is a HIGH SCORE movie, there is SUBSTANTIAL INAPPROPRIATE CONTENT throughout the movie. It is highly recommended to be cautious about watching this movie with your family.

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Muharem, who lives in a traditional istanbul district has been living there for over 30 years. He only has one job. Modest Muharrem, is living a life staying away from sexual desires, praying whole day, strongly connected to islam. One day,  Muharrem's deep piety, attracts a sheikh. His reliability affects the sheikh and the sheikh gives him a job, which he will collect rent payments of the community of sheikh.

Passport by Bilal Yorulmaz


Sexual and Erotic Content
Frequent sexual and/or erotic content.
Frequent nudity.
Sexual Violence
Sexual violence and rape implied during the movie.
Alcohol and/or Drug abuse
No alcohol and/or drug use.
There are not homosexual relations in the movie.
Aggressive Behavior and/or Violence
No aggressive behavior and/or violence.
No profanity.
Household violence and adultery
No household violence and/or adultery.
Negative references to any religion or belief
Occasional negative references to religion or belief.
Negative role models and messages for teens
Frequent negative role models and messages for teens.
Positive family values
No positive family values.
Positive representation of Islam
Extremely disrespectful to Islam and Muslims.

Directed by: Özer Kızıltan
Written by: Önder Çakar
Starring: Erkan Can
Güven Kıraç
Meray Ülgen
Music by: Gökçe Akçelik
Cinematography: Soykut Turan
Country: Turkey
Language: Turkish
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