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The Bélier Family - (2015)

Genres: Comedy Drama Musical
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La famille Bélier (2014) on IMDb
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In the Belier family, everyone is deaf, excep dutiful sixteen-year-old Paula. She acts as an indispensible interpreter for her parents and younger brother, especially in the running of the family dairy farm. Though her salt-of-the-earth father has decided to run for mayor - spurred on by her vivacious but over-involved mother, Paula's attentions are very much elsewhere. She's witnessed the handsome new boy at school sign up for the choir, and impulsively joined too. It's not long before her music teacher discovers her considerable talent, however his encouragement only exacerbates the matter of Paula's independence.

Directed by: Éric Lartigau
Produced by: Philippe Rousselet
Éric Jehelmann
Stéphanie Bermann
Written by: Victoria Bedos
Stanislas Carré de Malberg
Starring: Karin Viard
François Damiens
Éric Elmosnino
Louane Emera
Music by: Evgueni Galperine
Sacha Galperine
Cinematography: Romain Winding
Edited by: Jennifer Augé
France 2 Cinéma
Nexus Factory
Mars Films
Quarante 12 Films
Vendôme Production
Distributed by: Mars Distribution
Running time:
100 minutes
Country: France
Language: French
French Sign Language
Budget: $11 million
Box office: $82,566,570
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