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lymphatic tuberculosis that is Sternberg s disease. The

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cretion of methylene blue was over after 58 hours which

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he believes that prophylaxis is the price of health and that

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in volume and the line between the head of the femur and

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as a toxic substance and 31 as a dehydrant. Its action as

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glycerin ether solution diluted with water. The sections

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the new procedures in the major abdominal operations.

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in a plaster bandage for several weeks or months until

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one member of everv class tausrht bv Dr. Gregorv. 50 in

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to bring the prostate forward. The subsequent procedures

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girls is of the opinion that the worry before examinations is

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cared for in the home but I do say that it can only

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mata at the base of the cranium originate from cell

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tors witli both these points in view. The outcome is a

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were found rotated upon their vertical axis. After the ad

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tions he was even willing to tell all he knew about

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The Philadelphia Medical Journal discusses at length the

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External surface of lower lobe presents an area 2 inches

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measures are demanded against it. In this Congress also

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trauma and produces symptoms characteristic of root dis

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said on appeal that it ought to have been admitted and the

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tion will reveal the child. Palpation and ausculta

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a time instructor in medicine at the Women s Medical Col

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ment of measles dividing it into hygienic medicinal and

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might be the thinned edge of a placenta. I was able between