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Cinemu; December 20 / Movies Week in Review

Movies Featured in Theaters, Safer, Safest Movies and Highlights

Movies Featured in USA and World: 
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An Episode in the Life of an Iron Picker
Nazif is a father who is selling everything he finds in his town and the forest of the town, to make money. He has two girls, and his wife is getting ready to give birth to the third, and sometimes he even can't buy food for home. One day when he returns home, he sees that his wife is not well, and takes her to the hospital. And the doctors say that his wifes situation is critical, and she has to have an operation. Nazif, who doesn't even have a health insurance has to find a way to pay this operation.

Eleni, the daughter of a rich Greek family from the Büyükada, and Sedat, son of a phaeton driver in the island, fell in love, but it is an impossible one. And from their eyes, the tragedy of the exile in 16 March 1964 is shown in the movie 'Exile'.

Forgive Me
Selim is a mental handicapped male in his 40's. Selim, who was raised by his mother with a big devotion, was always the one which his family cared for. Now, his brother Zafer is about to marry, and this means the family will show more interest on Zafer. While Zafer decides to marry with his girlfriend Hale, who is in love desparately with Zafer, the only situation family cares become this marriage. But in the marriage day, something will happen. Selim will dissappear quietly, and his family realize the thing which they never did before.

The Cat Missed You
A couple who love each other so much have some problems in their relationship, fix these situation via a cat.

Walking With Dinosaurs
Patchi, and underdog dinosaur, triumphs against all ods to become a hero for the ages.

Incomplete Miracle
1940's. The times when starving got to the top, in the atmosphere of World War 2. Nahide is a poor girl which is under these bad conditions, unaware of it. When her best friend commit suicide, because of being forced to marry with someone older than her, some irreparable wounds open in Nahide's head. After these events, her teacher tells her to change this ordinance. And the best way for it is to Nahide going to the village institute. But it will not be easy. His father pressure, and the pressure of feodality will bring Nahide to a halo. But Nahide is decided, she will go to the school.

Between Friends
4 friends who have strong bonds between. Barış, Cenk, Deniz and Ayhan.They all have diffetent problems, fears in their lives. This group come together for the 30th birthday party of Ayhan. Even though they have a great and fun time at the beggining, they start to speak about their problems after some time.

Anchorman: The Legend Continues
With the 70's behind him, San Diego's top rated newsman, Ron Burgundy, returns to the news desk in 'Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues.' Also back for more are Ron's co-anchor and wife, Veronica Corningstone, weather man Brick Tamland, man on the street Brian Fantana and sports guy Champ Kind - All of whom won't make it easy to stay classy... while taking the nation's first 24-hour news channel by storm.

American Hustle
American Hustle tells the story of brilliant con man Irving Rosenfeld, who along with his equally cunning and seductive British partner Sydney Prosser is forced to work for a wild FBI agent Richie DiMaso. DiMaso pushes them into a world of Jersey powerbrokers and mafia that's as dangerous as it is enchanting. Jeremy Renner is Carmine Polito, the passionate, volatile, New Jersey political operator caught between the con-artists and Feds. Irving's unpredictable wife Rosalyn could be the one to pull the thread that brings the entire world crashing down. Like David O. Russell's previous films, American Hustle defies genre, hinging on raw emotion, and life and death stakes.

Saving Mr. Banks
When Walt Disney’s daughters begged him to make a movie of their favorite book, P.L. Travers’ “Mary Poppins,” he made them a promise—one that he didn’t realize would take 20 years to keep. In his quest to obtain the rights, Walt comes up against a curmudgeonly, uncompromising writer who has absolutely no intention of letting her beloved magical nanny get mauled by the Hollywood machine. But, as the books stop selling and money grows short, Travers reluctantly agrees to go to Los Angeles to hear Disney’s plans for the adaptation.

Set in the Los Angeles of the slight future, “Her” follows Theodore Twombly, a complex, soulful man who makes his living writing touching, personal letters for other people. Heartbroken after the end of a long relationship, he becomes intrigued with a new, advanced operating system, which promises to be an intuitive entity in its own right, individual to each user. Upon initiating it, he is delighted to meet “Samantha,” a bright, female voice, who is insightful, sensitive and surprisingly funny. As her needs and desires grow, in tandem with his own, their friendship deepens into an eventual love for each other.

The Selfish Giant
13 years old Arbor, and his best friend Swifty gets excluded from schools, and become outsiders in their neighborhood. When they meet Kitten, scrap dealer, they start to wander in town to collect scraps for him. While they have to ride a horse and a cart, Swifty has a natural gift riding horses. While Arbor is trying to impress Kitten, Kitten favors Switty. Seeing this, Arbor starts to begin hurt. As he starts to feel greedy, it will bring them to a tragic event.

Dhoom 3
Sahir, who was trained as a circus entertainer, co-stars the gymnast Aaliya in a circus, as he intends to rob the show's owners, who he thinks are responsible for his fathers death.

The Past: An Iranian man manages to persuade his wife and children to return to Iran. But his wife starts up a new relationship, and tries to divorce from his husband.


Walking With Dinosaurs: In this movie we watch a little, cute dinosaur's adventures in 3D form. 

Forgive Me: In this touching story, succesful player Güven Kıraç stars a man with mental disorder.

Dhoom 3: A new action movie from Aamir Khan that seems to please his fans. 

Recommended Movies For the “Safer Movies” Section in This Week:
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Ernest and Celestine
The story of the friendsip between Ernest the bear and a mouse named Celestine.

A little girl is kidnapped and murdered, and it attracts the attention of a detective, Yang Chun-dong, who is fighting against the gangs for three years. When he arrives to the crime scene, he realizes that the scene was the scene which he saw before because of a mysterious wall paper. He tracks the painter, a young man, named Joon. But when he arrests Joon, he realizes that Joon has a special ability, to see the past of people by touching him with his right hand, and he lived his life alone because he thought this ability as a curse. As Joon tries to explain that he is not the murder, Detective Yang believes him, and tries to find the murder before he strikes back. 

Recommended Movies For the “Safest Movies” Section in This Week:
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Mevlana Celaleddin-i Rumi: The Dance of LoveMevlana Celaleddin-i Rumi: The Dance of Love  is a 2008 Turkish documentary film. Mevlana who is also known as Rumi, was a philosopher and mystic of Islam, but not a Muslim of the orthodox type. His doctrine advocates unlimited tolerance, positive reasoning, goodness, charity and awareness through love. Mevlana Celaleddin-i Rumi: The Dance of Love  gives insight into the life and work of the man who changed the world with his message of Divine Love.

Abu, Son of Adam
The story of a poor old couple's struggle and love for going to hadj. A great islamic movie, including islamic messages, encouraging assistance.