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Sir W. Turner after giving a statement of the course of
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part of the tumour where the abscess is most likely to be
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temporary benefif the remedies must be of sufficient
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anxious bench as an investigation into the purity of
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softer and oedematous. This is particularly the work
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had reached the second month. Dr. Smith said that some
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tlie Dutch East Indian Company. Van Riebeek was a Dutch
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an analysis of police court habitual inebriates. There is also
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Bolidation. Such are the sicns of subphrenic abscess in
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This process of exclusion will have an unfavourable influence
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pendix. Part I. is devoted to a general consideration
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In the case of the first the intelligent jury found that
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pneumonic solidification. If it is now too late the
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increased the respiration is much facilitated though
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drank of the polluted water is regarded by Dr. Milroy of
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with a proper drainage of the bladder during three or
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readily detected. By a mere coating of varnish or the use of
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the ribs either in the middle line or somewhat to the left of
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by its consideration is Most certainly not. It demon
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require an entirely different treatment. A thorough
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that of ten cases of tumor of the vagina in children
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enteric and ill defined fever obtained during 1892 which pre