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ported S exarticulations of the foot by circular incision.

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that all forms of ophthalmia neonatorum are not due to the

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the feeling of positive air hunger is common. It may be

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their normal health and not only did not refuse food but ate

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tion. This condition in a girl of 14 is minutely described

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gen loss but to cause a retention. Fever was produced by

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velopment of the skeletal deformities was not accompanied

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period of their lives. 3 It is contagious or communicable

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lymphglands are the commonest site of metastasis second

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unction but without success and iodine and arsenic were

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ovarian secretion has an influence upon the mammary

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A New Trephine. At the last meeting of the Academy of

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olfactory lobe are decreased in number and present the

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eases can produce circumscribed arteritis and emboli with

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this was followed by nervous disturbances first weakness

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are marked deformities in the long bones of the extremities.

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cases removal of the primary disease is followed by sub