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Planes - (2013)

HSLR این فیلم امتیاز بالایی را دریافت نموده است. در طول فیلم صحنه نامناسب به صورت بسیار کم مشاهده شده است. بدون سانسور میتوانید مشاهده نمایید. (کیفیت بالا – ریسک پایین)

امتیاز cinemu
توسط سردبیران Cinemu.
ژانرها: ماجرا انیمیشن کمدی
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خلاصه فیلم

Dusty, a fast flying crop duster who dreams of competing in the most exhilarating around-the-world air race in history. There's only a couple of not-so-small problems- Dusty is not exactly built for racing and he also happens to be afraid of heights. Despite his fear and his encouragement from his mentor, a naval aviator named Skipper, Dusty narrowly qualifies for the big competition. Dusty's sportsmanship and speed begin to rattle the defending champ of the race, Ripslinger, who will stop at nothing to see Dusty fail. When disaster strikes during the climax of the final race, Dusty's courage is put to the ultimate test. With the support of friends old and new, Dusty reaches heights he never dreamed possible.

Directed by:    Klay Hall
Produced by:    Traci Balthazor-Flynn
Screenplay by:    Jeffrey M. Howard
Starring:    Dane Cook
Stacy Keach
Priyanka Chopra
Brad Garrett
Teri Hatcher
Cedric the Entertainer
Julia Louis-Dreyfus
Roger Craig Smith
Gabriel Iglesias
John Cleese
Carlos Alazraqui
Val Kilmer
Anthony Edwards
Colin Cowherd
Oliver Kalkofe
Brent Musburger
Music by:    Mark Mancina
Editing by:    Jeremy Milton
Studio:    Walt Disney Pictures
DisneyToon Studios
Distributed by:    Walt Disney Studios
Motion Pictures
Running time:    92 minutes[7]
Country:    United States
Language:    English
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