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The Message - (1977)

HSLR این فیلم امتیاز بالایی را دریافت نموده است. در طول فیلم صحنه نامناسب به صورت بسیار کم مشاهده شده است. بدون سانسور میتوانید مشاهده نمایید. (کیفیت بالا – ریسک پایین)

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خلاصه فیلم

Historical movie concerns the birth of the Islamic faith and the story of the prophet Mohammed (PBUH). With the help of his brave uncle, Hamza (Anthony Quinn), Mohammed(PBUH)  and his followers return to Mecca to liberate the city in the name of Allah. The Message (originally screened in the U.S. as Mohammed, Messenger of God) proved to be highly controversial during its production and initial release.
The Message was shot in two versions, one in English and one in Arabic (entitled Al-Risalah), with different actors taking over some of the roles due to language requirements.

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