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Honey ( Bal ) - (2010)

ژانرها: درام خانوادگی
امتیاز cinemu
توسط سردبیران Cinemu.
HSLR این فیلم امتیاز بالایی را دریافت نموده است. در طول فیلم صحنه نامناسب به صورت بسیار کم مشاهده شده است. بدون سانسور میتوانید مشاهده نمایید. (کیفیت بالا – ریسک پایین)

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اعتبار: 8 / 10 - 1 کاربران | نقد ها: 0 کاربران
0 / 10

خلاصه فیلم

Yusuf is a little student, starting to learn reading and writing. His father Yakup, is working in a scary forest, finding bees from the hives on top of tall trees. The fortress is a mysterious place for Yusuf, as he goes there with his father often.
One night, Yusuf sees a dream, and tells it to his father. This dream becomes their secret forever.
One day, Yakup goes after the Caucasian bees, which start to extinct, to a far away forest. Yakup gets buried in silence after this event. This state of Yusuf, starts to make her mother Zehra, who works in a tea field, feel sad. Despite how much she tries, she can't make Yusuf speak. 

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