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Şeytan-ı Racim - (2013)

ژانرها: وحشت هیجان انگیز یا دلهره آور
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توسط سردبیران Cinemu.
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خلاصه فیلم

Emre and Salih are two young students living in İstanbul. While everything was going normal, Salih suddenly starts to learn about 'the magic science' known as 'havas'. Salih's curiosity about magic will start to be unstoppable. Salih, wants to control the djin's which live in Djins' world. Emrah doesn't know anything about this, but because he lives with him his serenity gets soured and he finds himself in a parse which he doesn't even want to be. When Salih looses control of everything, Emrah who sees nightmares, doesn't have a normal life finds the remedy as going to his parents house in İzmit. As he expects to find serenity there, the djins come after them and doesn't leave him be. When Emrah finds out that this family is not capable to help, he finds solution as going to Bakırcı Mehmet Efendi, who cared about these things once.

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