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her life-long disposition she became very irritable, and developed the idea that

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Hot Pack. For the patient who dreads cold water or is too

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"9 G. Forrest Martin, M.D., Lowell. Clinical lecture: Minor Surgical

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as they occur from day to day or from year to year, would find himself with a balance-sheet

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conjoined tendon, insinuating them gently upward between the muscle and

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neuralgia had disappeared completely. He was seen several

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do wish there was. another spot near, for it is fun to clean up things.

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one containing a large ovarian cyst. The usual incision was made

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Uranalysis showed kidneys free from organic disease, but rather

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teries may be. On the other hand, there may be advanced scler-

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his duty ; at first his prescriptions of our cures were small, and afterwards he began to use

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Surrounding the dark, homogeneous portion is an area of variable

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into the opening and plug it. These should be caught with forceps

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Dr. E. E. Whitaker, for thirty years in active practice in Newport,

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physician to be associated with Dr. Emma J. Betow in the Margaret E.

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Evans Memorial Building for Clinical Research and Preventive

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The emotionalism of this patient is an interesting feature.

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could be followed by a physician. At the same time the name of

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her marks and to receive rank in her classes that touch her pride.

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purge. Our school has done much to not only show the fallacy

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ities for young single men, and the chances for rapid promotion is good.

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The paper on "Arterial Sclerosis" included the general subject of

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pneumococcus or any other sort of germ coating on the tonsillar membrane,

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good man, a good physician and a good homoeopath. He served

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had, until a yeaf or more prior to admission, enjoyed good health, and was

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fatigued, which is mostly in the latter part of the day. In hys-

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good health until about two years ago. About this time she had a fall in

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Opportunity will be given for the free discussion of subjects interesting

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' Diphtheria is a form of sore throat in which a grayish membrane appears on the tonsils

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I have seen mounts into the hundreds." During that period he

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patient removed to another State and I was not satisfied that the

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quiet man, who does things, is living at the age of 75 years. This side

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of physicians who recognize the occurrence of this condition,

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