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All Is Lost - (2013)

Genre: Aksi
oleh editor Cinemu.
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A man wandering in the Indian Ocean alone, loses his consciousness after having his yacht crashed to a ship container. When he wakes up, he starts to remember the crash. He lost his radio, navigation and transreceiver equipment, and he is in the middle of a wild storm. He believes that he would survive with his talented maritime carrier. He starts to listen to the ocean and the waves, and makes his plans according to these. Wishing that a ship would pass, the waiting isn't as easy as he thought. Because his natural resources are about to end, and there are many wild sharks in the ocean waiting for him. 

Directed by: J. C. Chandor
Produced by: Neal Dodson
Anna Gerb
Justin Nappi
Teddy Schwarzman
Written by: J. C. Chandor
Starring: Robert Redford
Cinematography: Frank G. DeMarco
Editing by: Pete Beaudreau
Distributed by: Lionsgate
Running time: 100 minutes
Country: United States
Language: English
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