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due to the same cause, namely, to a contagion impoi'ted by sea.
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in which daily recurring rigors lasted over several weeks.
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The nursing of infectious cases depends entirely upon the local
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smaller until little is left but the attenuated nuclei, often so flattened
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substances as glycerine agar-agar ; yet when Koch first separated this
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occurred among the militia at Oxford (54), and an epidemic in and round
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influence, if it does not produce the disease, does induce some temporary
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one case, again, early in the epidemic, and before I was accustomed to
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forms of diphtheria, — these are the sort of people who run most risk
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applied with the utmost gentleness. Rubbing with dry powdered ginger
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any isolation at all, the more reasonable course would be to isolate those
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a time. The exclusion from school of scholars from infected houses or
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and others in the latter half of the sixteenth century, led eventually to
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toms of deranged health which may be felt or observed during this
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peoples dwelling in different regions: but the coexistence of other
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Gastric Ulcer. — Rest to the stomach is the key-note of treatment —
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similar in their effects to those of ordinary water at more or less elevated
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If we turn to the more thoroughly known of the microzoa parasitic
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countenance, in the dryness of the tongue, and the enfeebled state of the
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pathologists, however, recognise its existence; until tlie days of bac-
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maintain its improved condition even when the drug is withdrawn.
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In order, therefore, to obtain the "hydrotherapeutic reaction" it is
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sional drudgery. In illustration of the above declaration, a gentleman
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crowding and disregard of ventilation, in fact, all shortcomings in sani-
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protoxide of iron, sulphate of soda, and a small quantity of carbonate
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administration of port wine, beef-tea, and eggs, as much as he could take,
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Diagnosis. — No acute febrile disease presents the peculiar affection
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and the leucocytosis steadily decreases in favourable cases. Dr. Morse,
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small quantities of tincture of iodine may be added. The child is swung
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indeed, an important class of puerperal diseases, originating in the
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%-x.v., Mucilag. 3ij., Tinct. chloroform, co. "Ixv., Aquam menth. pip. ad § j.;
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furuncle be kept perfectly clean no such crops occur.
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upon rabbits, in a few days, an immunity from certain infections (vibrio
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always be ready, and a receiver for soiled dressing, prepared notes of cases
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compact manual is a very captivating production. There is a peculiar