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men at the same time to be clothed in some material that

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muscular development, by allowing the utmost ease and free-

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or two ; and in an instant, with a lightening up of his

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the relapsing form much can be done by medical means, by

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oven to a notice of diphtheritic inflammation of the stomach,

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upper and lower jaw on right side are acutely sensitive when

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penalties, the death-rate fell to 89 per 1,000,000. Thus, as 1

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Assistant to the Professor of Materia Medica, Aberdeen University ;

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Puerperal 'insanity.— G. E. Williamson, Honorary Secretary, Newcastle

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its great aim of improving the educational status of the class

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and fruit stones have been impacted in its lumen and have

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Captain Horace Cocks, M.B., Army Medical Stall', of a son. :,'<

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Although the prael ice is not generally adopted, it is equally

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to nearly the anterior cornu of lateral ventricle, and back to

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tutional disturbance and ovarian pain became less and less as

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That equal success will be the reward of anyone who may

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Towards the end of August the disease, which had been

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best way to encourage a professor himself to contribute to the

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half of the people who sufi'er from scarlet fever now seek

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rounded nodulated tumour like a blackberry in size, colour,

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disseminating typhus fever in France. The coincidence will

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Dr. Paesons, and the President ; and Dr. Smylt replied.

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C. Obstetric Medicine and Gynecology. — President :

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with the rank of lieutenant colonel, fifty surgeons with the rank of

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loss of flesh. When the loss of flesh is very gradual, the patient

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tnually pressing sanitary auti o ities to provUe for their districts

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back to almost every walk in life, and for public speaking so complete

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F. 2; Surgical, M. Til., J. ();/erarion J>at/s.-.M. Til., 4.30.

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good reasons for regarding "pendworm" as representing

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Von H. Leloir (Lille) und E. Vidal (Paris). In Deutscher

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In thirty-three of the largest English towns, including London, 6,.t02

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tion, a matter for experts. Indeed, Porro's operation, even

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be that it is not only as a scientist that you are known abroad i

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pathology nor the diagnosis. The abscess may be approached

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Vise, Christopher, M.D. . appointed Honorary Physician to the General

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lishment, Medical Officer fith Bengal Infantry, are placed at the d'sposal

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find the leading nations of Europe not merely combining in

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lapse of the omphalo-mesenteric duct or Meckel's diver-