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breast can look for the rachitic rosary, notice if there is any

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tionary would be of doubtful utility. The classification adopted is

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ture of 25 drops of Giemsa's solution in a third of a test-tube full of water, and moves

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Lyon, George E., Planter's Hotel, St. Louis, Mo. Original.

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J. B. Forsyth of Chelsea, Dr. J. P. Reynolds of Boston.

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G. Richardson that the axillary temperature when not above 102° or lOJj®

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As the erysipelas faded out, and desquamations following, the ulcer

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either side. Again, the union of two first cousins might have a beneficial

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and finally burst forth ^yitll, "Div ye no' understand a recipe,

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and gradual; in two months, he went to the sea-side,

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looking at a human hand and not at a large bunch of

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the body is found generally suffice to explain the matter. (See 'Ann. d'Hyg.'

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beats. Below, the dulness is usually merged in that of the left lobe

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mistake which is but natural when one remembers that Entamceba tetra-

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During this time the patient had a number of pulmo-

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extracted with ether. A few drops of a dilute ferric chlorid solution are added to

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These morbid changes are microscopic or macroscopic. Both

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1. Rosenfeld M: Acute aufsteigende lahmungbei. Morbus Basedow, Berl Klin

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carditis and verified his opinion by a post mortem eKamiuation.

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time, which may possibly be one of the reasons why he was charged

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A metal diaphragm is placed in contact with the fluorescent

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His knowledge, however, of the indications for its use is

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time with us, he could be spared but a short season from his ap-

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ha5 been vastly exaggerated ; that in a large number of cases

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will exhibit, a notable degree of degeneration unless the jjroduction of

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sleep, which if yielded to is soon followed by death.

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already markedly consolidated. This will often be the tenth or

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animals. The diseases of this class are thus conveniently

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in duodenal ulcers there is usually a hj'permotility. Tbe appetite mayfl

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inch from the anterior superior spinous process to-

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V.C, and Sir E. J. Jackson. The former writes, under date Sep-

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nomenclature in use in Britain and America if it were named the

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with them the brain, deteriorate with age, and the vivacity and

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oi>ening of the Tuberculosis Exhibition. The view taken generally

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the organs of the digestive apparatus, and thereby induces a re-

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15. Megibow AJ, Balthazar EJ: Computed Tomography of the Gastrointestinal .

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