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broad end is received by the vessel that contains the fluid, and the pointed end

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should not be stuffed with cotton, but allowed to have

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number of regularly qualified medical men is very small com-

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In the second place, it is necessary to select a specialist

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the significance of a detailed history, for it is from

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subject supports the supposition by authentic cases. One of the

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parallel mountain regions, these laws wuuld doubtless be confirmed statis-

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makes for good health, and good ventilation tends to

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colloid diameters measure 9 centimeters = 3^ inches.

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the nerve-tube, whilst the base rests on the primitive muscular

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If metallic antimony be obtained by the above process from the viscera

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unwary observer appear to be marks of disease are in no way of

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7. Dr. Eitter concludes that pregnant women enjoy no immtmity

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ment or speech for a quarter of an hour, and afterwards she had

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The fact that disease occasionally extended itself from one

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she can distinguish between the print and margin of a page, though she cannot

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but communicate one with another ; so that a lobulet is a cluster

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the applications of this discovery to many branches of practical

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amputation ; but, unless the greatly increased risk of excision

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rapidly. Sometimes the inflammation spreads from the pelvic

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examination, such as the life insurance companies require

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induce others to publish the results of longer and more extensive observa-

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does easily so long as no obstacle arises to choke the sinuses for

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cupboard and observed a sprinkling of white powder and a small pot con-

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Hebra's pityriasis rubra, follows. Dr. Fagge enters into some

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The sole advantage of steam radiation over the hot-

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in putting it into an English dress, he has not quite laid aside