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from those of Nyssorhynchus by the fact that they almost completely

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making was their object." We ask, if money making is not the

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the question relating to the advantages of naming and arranging

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the interstices in the tumour." The discharge is watery and

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gen was 1 : 16.7, whereas in a second test the ratio was 1 : 6.9. Benedictf

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sphincters beginning to hold; electrical reactions fairly normal; no reaction of

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Dei C(upi esiranei; del condoito uuitivo (^^teI■ru) e delle

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(h) " Mnnatesfhrift f iir Gi-burtsku.nde," Band, xxix., S. 02. 1S67.

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cirrhosis, must often be regarded as of cardiac origin, and it necessitates

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bilobecl owing to the attachments of the tongue to the genial tubercles.

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remarkable fact, as showing the energy of his mind and unflagging

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purulent, and partially gelatinous, and rusty colored. Flatness upon percussion, most marked

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his valuable remarks on the differential diagnosis of tubercular

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severe fright caused by a dog jumping and barking at her. Von Ziemssen

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tween general paralysis on the one hand, and tabes dorsalis, disseminated

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conveniently done it is the most desirable operation. — Int. Med. Mag.

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vestige of inflammation, until on inspecting the lower por-

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compli mentary. In addition to individual visitations of doc-

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violent contraction of the expiratory muscles consequent upon

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dently unjust to practically imprison and thus seriously punish a mem-

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7%c tjpe, in which thli line is 5«i, ia equ^ la fUe to nomber two (No. 2), Juer. VUion one U to he kblc to rttA the abore Ictten B C C tt

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it would lose in the comparison. Little is i while that of 100 parts of silver and five of

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When this had been done, the external wound was closed by sutures,

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agree ; which, however, are always preferable where the

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proper appreciation of these facts rests the modern rational treatment

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only other electric ambulance in the city is one be-

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Estate, Messrs. Francis and Lawrence were appointed a Com-

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the direction of the course of the intercostal nerve. At the same time

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atic involvement, where its hold had been too deep for

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the galvanometers, the other point carrying two electrodes connected

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in different directions and closed the abdonien in the

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Dr. Baldt did not believe that these patients suffered

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tagmus, and exceptionally the Argyll Robertson phenomenon,

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Treponema pallidum and Spirochceta refringens, together with some

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1864 Barrington, Nicholas Wilham, Peninsidar and Oriental

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object of treatment. This object may be most effectually accomplished by

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Jefferson Medical College of Philadelphia ; Chairman of

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residence in the west, fluoroscopic examination showed

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