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If cold water is to be used, or pressure, or some medicated fluid, this

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racterised by excessive urgency, the patient liaving gi-eat dif-

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considerable size, and were recorded as about an inch in diame-

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duce even the slightest palliative effect, their prophylactic virtue is

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universally acknowledged difficulty of distinguishing between inflam-

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associated with a retention of nitrogen, sulphur, and magnesium.

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the wound was closed, the upper part being left open

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be considered established beyond question, by physiologic experiments on the

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should put an end for all time to the idea that syphilitics are insurable under

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Because of her marked neurotic features the patient was taken

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like a bean, pea, millet seed, radish seed, or like articles into their ears.

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The changes in the ureter are much more common in ascending infections,

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and outward; a sudden slip will be felt as the intestine returns.

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septic treatment of wounds received in war has been

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cleans the part with pyrozone and then dries it. He makes the

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of the cases. About one-fifth of all the patients do not use tobacco,

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sounds are harsh vesicular, with expiration prolonged, the de-

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provide relative displacement information; there should exist one reference system in

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were so alarming that I concluded the next time I would not give very much

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intentional or accidental, on the part of attendants; but there is no doubt

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that n)any persons have passed their lives, without ceasing to be

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Emaciation was marked iu five aud moderate iu three.

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tients" were transferred from the hospital at Worcester. The number thus

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serpents and insects have special glands furnishing secretions which cause

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in full, a copy sent to the Medical Journals of the Coast and to her relatives.

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of death from suppurative peritonitis, septicaemia,

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more light than usual, or the approach of a stranger to his bed; pulse not

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101.4° F., falling, to rise on the second day following

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On examining the patient more completely we finally found

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same date several normoblasts and one myelocyte were found.

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number of cases, to strong impressions made on the mother's mind during early

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than medical machines. There was, for instance, in my time no

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and the diarrhoea ceases, but the child is left in a pale and emaciated

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tion had booii prosoiit, ho had di>iii(iii«trafi>d that tliis was not.

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and long continued, or when there is a dangerous cardiac weak-

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eines zieinlich grossen Ziindhiitchenstiickes aus dem Glas-

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OF OFFICERS — The Committee examined the report of Donald