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dial blood-tension, and thus slowly produce saccular dilatation (aneur-
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nosis must be made of acute insufficiency of the ostium mitralis occurring
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of cases in which acute endocarditis develops. When the latter com-
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the left, however, for reasons previously adduced. The auricles (espe-
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infection of the hog and the danger of eating infected pork. Care should
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(1) Secondary to lobar pneumonia, hemorrhagic infarctions, cavities
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the remedy par excellence ; it is to be supplemented by free purgation
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body that has taken into account the futility of inconclusive, unconvinc-
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how long the patient has been afflicted. During an attack, however, he
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103 F. ; night sweats; progressive loss of flesh; diarrhea more or
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The diet deserves most careful attention. When the stenosis is so
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ings, using the material we possess, and making the best of it,
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ease. He has successfully induced the disease in dogs, rodents, and
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the type of men we are. The races hi which thty are but loosely joined
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contents ('• air and sodden food ') to flow back into the mouth. In
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Pathologic leukocytosis is secondary to various aff"ections. It may
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Physical Signs in Left-sided Hypertrophy. — Inspection. — In females
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redness, and also a tumefaction of the uvula and faucial pillars. The
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amounting to actual })ain. During the second stage, in extreme cases, the
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tissues. Hueppe records a case that showed nothing definite beyond a
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ness, leading to more or less complete ankylosis of the joints and
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vaccine clinic of the Out-Patient Department, the following is the method
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cleansing the membrane the rhinoscope will show the nasal chambers
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Percussion yields a clear or hyperresonant note. Dulness or im-
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in the opposite direction from normal, viz., upward and forward.
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The question of operating on small fibroids, producing no symptoms,
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Homoeopathy: Its Activities and Opportunities. By Edward E.
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dilatation ivitJi hypertrophy. Both hypertrophy and dilatation are rela-
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The method of study is itself entirely original with the author. It
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portal congestion (including ascites) are commonly present.
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points of tenderness. Careful note should also be taken as to whether
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Prophylaxis by thorough drying and careful storing of the meal is